More books

Books I’ve written

  • Small Town Joy (in progress; to be published in March 2025)
  • Carrie Kills A Man
  • Business Writing for Technical People
  • Technical Writing for Business People
  • Business Writing for Social Media
  • Business Cases That Get Results
    British Computer Society, 2019
  • The Laptop Manual
    Haynes Publishing, 2007
  • Get Started With Windows Vista
    Future Publishing (free with Official Windows Vista Magazine), 2007
  • Working from Home: the Complete Home Office Manual
    Haynes Publishing, 2006
  • The Cut the Crap Guide to the Music Business
  • The Cut the Crap Guide to Music and the Internet
  • The Cut the Crap Guide to Music Technology
  • The Cut the Crap Guide to Making a Record
  • The Cut the Crap Guide to Guitars
    all published by Artemis Editions, 2002-2003

Books I’ve co-written

  • [Ghostwriting] A book about competitive psychology published in 2020
  • [Ghostwriting] A guide to technology for parents, 2018
  • Build Your Own Website: Second Edition
    With Kyle MacRae. Haynes Publishing, 2009
  • Computer Troubleshooting: Second Edition
    With Kyle MacRae. Haynes Publishing, 2008
  • Build Your Own Computer: Third Edition
    With Kyle MacRae. Haynes Publishing, 2007
  • The Best Rock and Pop Trivia Ever
    Ottakar’s, 2004
  • Q Magazine’s Best Rock and Pop Trivia Ever
    EMAP (covermounted with Q Magazine, 2005)
  • The Complete Guide to Digital Music
    Future Publishing, 2003


  • Coffin Dodgers, 2012

Coffin Dodgers was my debut novel under my old name. It’s a fast, funny and fat-free thriller that’s been compared to Christopher Brookmyre, Bateman, Tim Dorsey, Carl Hiaasen and the films Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead. In February 2012 it hit the giddy heights of number one in Amazon’s humour chart, number one in technothrillers, and number forty in the Kindle chart. I was quite pleased about that.

Writing in The Big Issue Scotland, Smokeheads author Doug Johnstone said this:

“Marshall is a journalist turned novelist who has clearly been reading plenty of Chris Brookmyre and Colin Bateman, as his debut fictional outing shares with those authors a no-holds-barred thriller plot with a sense of the ridiculous, lacing nastiness with some delightfully black comedy. With society getting ever older and everyone living longer, young people are in the minority, even more so when someone starts trying to kill them off. Told with a sureness of hand, it’s not exactly high art but Marshall does still manage some astute social commentary amongst the mayhem and gags.”

The fantastic crime writer Ray Banks was nice too, saying that “you really can’t afford to miss out on this”.