To my lovely pals in PR

Hello! I’m really sorry to be a grump but I’m afraid I get many dozens of unsolicited emails every day, and many of them are from people who’d like me to write about their product, service or crowdfunder when I can’t write about their product, service or crowdfunder. I don’t want you to waste your time emailing me if it’s not something I can help you with.

First of all, I can’t do anything with other people’s articles, spicy hot takes, news releases, crowdfunding announcements or infographics or any other kind of unsolicited comment or content.

I also can’t add your products to an existing buying guide or deals page. For the former I usually write the original and then the page is updated in-house; ecommerce deals and links are all handled in-house too, so you’ll need to contact the ecommerce folks or the section editor.

If you’re trying to get coverage, in 99% of cases I’m probably not the writer you’re looking for and you should just contact the appropriate editor.

And the 1%?

By all means please let me know about mainstream Apple Watch apps, particularly if they solve genuine irritations or do something really amazing.

And if you have a product that would fascinate and delight BBC Radio Scotland listeners, then I’d like to hear about that too. Our audience there is an older, mainstream audience and we don’t like to go too techy; for example next week (I’m writing this in autumn 2020) I’m talking about the health sensors in the new Apple Watch and the following week we’re trying a new VR headset. So if you’ve got a smartphone-controlled coffee maker, a microwave that doubles as a Smart TV or an Alexa-powered hairdryer – and you can get it to Glasgow quickly – then please do let me know about it.